Frequently Asked Questions

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Why choose Intestinal Labs?

Intestinal Labs provides specialised laboratory services to patients experiencing ongoing symptoms relating to gut health. Our goal is to assist patients to achieve and maintain optimal health through the use of evidence-based testing.

When will I receive my collection kit?

Once you have placed your order and paid for your test, your collection kit will be delivered within 2-5 business days depending on your location.

Where do I go for blood collection?

To find your closest collection centre, visit www.clinicallabs.com.au/location/

How will I receive my results?

We'll send you an email notification once your results are available online within your secured account area.

Can I reuse a test tube if I have made an error during collection?

The collection tubes used in the Digestive Analysis products contain preservative and fixative and cannot be reused. If there is an error during collection, please contact us to arrange a new collection kit.

What if I have completed my test on a weekend?

Store your stool specimens in a cool dark area (do NOT refrigerate) and post immediately on Monday.

Can I take my collection kit to a collection centre for pick up?

No, please return your completed test via the method outlined in the collection kit instructions.

I am taking vitamin/mineral supplements. Will this affect the test?

It is not usually necessary to stop taking supplements during a test but this may vary with some tests. Always refer to the test kit instructions and the advice of your practitioner.

I am taking prebiotic/probiotic supplements. Will this affect the test?

Prebiotics and probiotics can affect your test results – please cease use of these supplements three days prior to collection samples.

If I am on prescribed medication, will this affect the test?

If you routinely take certain medications, you should continue to do so during the test, unless instructed otherwise by your practitioner.

Can I take laxatives?

Do not use pharmaceutical grade laxatives. Natural laxatives can be used if constipation is an issue. This includes herbal and nutritional supplements.

When are samples collected?

Samples should be sent or collected from Monday to Wednesday.

How do I return the test sample?

All collection kits include an express postage reply paid padded envelope to return your specimens to our laboratory for testing.

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